Predictions for conversion between dermal fibroblast and liver - adult

There are 6 dermal fibroblast samples and 1 liver - adult samples in the database. The results below show the best set of transcription factors predicted by mogrify which can provide 95% regulatory converage of the required genes.

If you are interested in this conversion click here to consult the complete list where you can limit the number of clones available or experiment with other combinations or set sizes.

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Transcription factors for over expression.

TF name
ONECUT1 ncbi pubmed
HNF4A ncbi pubmed
FOXA2 ncbi pubmed
NR1H4 ncbi pubmed
ATF5 ncbi pubmed
MLXIPL ncbi pubmed
NR5A2 ncbi pubmed
XBP1 ncbi pubmed

The TFs highlighted in red are not required to reach 95% coverage of the required genes.


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